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Clinical Supervision

Group Students Smilling

For MSWs and MFTs

Navigating the path to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Marriage and Family Therapist is an arduous journey. The clinical supervision process is critical to the development of competent and effective Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW) and Marriage and Family Interns (MFTI).

Effective January 1, 2019, ASW and MFTI applicants must obtain a total of 3,000 supervised hours to obtain licensure. To learn more about the licensing process for ASWs and MFTIs, the links below will direct you to important publications by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Important Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for ASWs

Important Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for MFT Trainees & Interns

BBS Law Changes for 2019 (Emily Pelligrino, Therapist Development Center)

In the ideal world, the quality of clinical supervision would be standardized to nurture the neophyte practitioner into one with his/her own clinical voice, confidence, and the specialized knowledge necessary to carry out effective practice. In the real world, the quality of supervision vastly ranges in quality, and, in the worst case scenario, dampens the passion that compelled the supervisee to pursue the helping profession. Clinical supervision through The TBH Movement strives to make the ideal real.

The TBH Movement offers individual and group clinical supervision to ASWs and MFTIs working towards licensure and employed by a community-based agency serving any vulnerable population. In recognition of the supervisee's service to the community, the sliding scale rate for individual and triadic supervision is $60/hour and group supervision is $30/session (min of 3 supervisees).

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