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Introducing the

2023 Youth Work Group

Lucas Lines

About Me >


I decided to pursue this project because I can no longer ignore the racial, economic and social injustices in our society. My hope in participating in this project is to make our communities a better place by making it safer, more inclusive, and more equitable.

- Lucas Lines

Shea Corkery

About Me >


My sister inspired me to participate in this community service project. Seeing that I could make a difference in my community as a high school student motivated me to be proactive and to do good because helping others is the best way to strengthen communities.

- Shea Corkery

Quinn Ranjo

About Me >


I joined The TBH Movement to build relationships with my community and to give back to under resourced communities. I am committed to this project and compelled to make a difference in the lives of my counterparts who have not been afforded the same opportunities and privilege.

- Quinn Ranjo

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