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Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services


Living A Life Worth Living

​​COVID-19 Update: While we figure out how to navigate through these unprecedented times together, sliding scale psychotherapy and life coaching services will be offered to front line workers in need.  

In Korean TeugByeolHan means special or extraordinary. The journey to achieving a better quality of life can highlight this very attribute that exists in each of us but often gets lost. The TBH Movement exists to improve the quality of life for any person who has the inherent desire to want more in their everyday through therapy, life coaching and education.

Each of us longs to discover meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in our lives, but the self-discovery process often proves to be a difficult journey that requires us to develop grit, intrinsic motivation, a growth-oriented mindset, resilience and flexibility. The TBH Movement provides nurturing support and practical guidance right where life happens to develop these traits and facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

In recognition that these specialized services are not readily accessible due to financial barriers, we are partnered with TBH Therapy and Life Coaching Services to offer sliding scale services at $60 per session to individuals and $80 per session to couples and families whose income levels are at or below 300% of the 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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