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Team AEIC EXCEEDED their original goal of raising $4,500 and delivered a check for $5,069.80 to Ability First LA on October 1, 2019. These funds will be used to ensure that three people with intellectual and developmental disabilities remain a part of the caring, loving and life-changing community at Ability First LA for a FULL YEAR. If you would like to learn more about this incredible organization and GET INVOLVED, click here

Special Thanks to Our Donors  

As of September 6, 2019

Total Raised:              $5133

Campaign Goal:       $4,500

Jennifer Kawaguchi
Glen Kakimoto
Fonda Tokushige
Joel Yamada
Mia Yamada
Justin Chao
Emma Kawashiri
Annette Kakimoto
Frank Matsuyama
Karen Terada
Shiro Stella Yamada
Catherine Tani
Megumi Nohara
Brooke Tokushige
Michele Hatamiya
Connie Wright
Yukio Kawashiri
Akiko Koyama
Denise Wright
Sandy Robertson
Susan Takiguchi
Mia Kawashiri
Yuko Yoshida
Edward Kawashiri
Dennis Tashima
John Tashima
Noriko Narimoto
James Takakura
Paul Kimura
Grace Cheng
Jeffrey Yamashiro
Vivien Usui
Ronald Yamada
Benjamin Tang
Atsuko Okada
Mina Naeki

About Us

We --Emma Kawashiri (Class of 2021), Mia Yamada (Class of 2021), and Joel Yamada (Class of 2021)-- formed Team Advocating for Empowerment and Inclusion in Communities (AEIC pronounced ACE) in the summer of 2017 to make a difference in our communities. We agreed that a major problem in our own schools was the misunderstanding of individuals, particularly those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

We decided to partner with AbilityFirst, a non-profit organization, which provides a safe place for individuals with IDD and respite for their family members. We LOVED that they tackled all the problems we see in our schools, and now we are trying to help out three families so they can stay in the AbilityFirst program.

To learn more about who we are, click here.


Camp Paivika 1951

Team AEIC at the 2018 Halloween party


Our Vision and Goal

For every family that participates in AbilityFirst, there is a $1,500 deficit to make program ends meet. If this funding gap is not met, the families run the risk of losing a safe, supporting community.

Our goal is to help three individuals and their families meet these funding gaps so they can stay involved for another year. Here's some ways your donations can support these families:

  • $1,500 supports ONE (1) full year of programs and support for ONE (1) participant

  • $125 supports ONE (1) full month of programs and support for ONE (1) participant

  • $6 supports ONE (1) full day of programs and support for ONE (1) participant

These programs include educational field trips, use of exercise room, swimming programs, etc. 


Please join us to support these families by helping us meet our goal of raising $4,500 by August 31, 2019.

Simply click here                       and make your generous contribution today! Be sure to leave a message and let us know who you are. 100% of donations made through The TBH Movement (less any credit card fees) will benefit AbilityFirst LA.


Here is more information on AbilityFirst...


AbilityFirst is a nonprofit organization founded in 1926 when a group of businessmen from the Los Angeles Rotary Club reached out to help children who were affected by the polio epidemic. By establishing a program for both children and adults, AbilityFirst introduced some of the first community services in California for disabled people. Their main purpose was to look beyond the disabilities and focus on their capabilities.


Up until now, Ability First has served many participants with developmental disabilities and their families. Unlike many other organizations, AbilityFirst provides a range of higher quality programs that encourages socialization and communication skills along with offering a range of healthier activities (e.g. swimming). Through these programs, individuals grow to become more independent within their community, thus allowing for a successful transition into adulthood. 

Ability First 

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