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Homeless Outreach for Purpose & Empowerment

UPDATE… As of August 1, 2017, Team HOPE has raised $5,341.04, exceeding their original $4,000 goal. With the monies raised, Team HOPE donated:

✓ A check for $2,865 to help meeting funding gaps helping someone #makeithome

✓ $500 in food cards to Smart & Final, McDonald’s and Starbucks

✓ $1,000 in gift cards to Walmart to purchase household goods when someone finds home

✓ 10 hand decorated welcome home matte frames

✓ 52 outreach kits complete with canvas tote bags and gender neutral hygiene kits

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To get involved with helping your homeless neighbors and learn more about People Assisting The Homeless and their efforts in the South Bay, click here.

ABOUT US… Team Hopeless Outreach for Purpose and Empowerment (HOPE) formed at the end of June of 2016 to explore problems within the Redondo Beach community, and they discovered that homelessness had been rapidly growing over the last 4 years. Team HOPE – Anna Corkery (Class of 2020), Jordan Keith (Class of 2020), Brooke Tokushige (Class of 2020), and Christopher Strouse (Class of 2019) – decided to educate themselves on this topic. They were fortunate to acquire research and field-based knowledge through great community partners. Specifically, they met with People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), the Redondo Beach Police Department, the South Bay Coalition to End Homelessness (SBCEH), and Laundry Love, and here’s what they learned:

  • From 2013 to 2016, the number of homeless individuals in Redondo Beach went from 70 to 216, respectively, which roughly reflects a 300% increase.

  • The Redondo Beach Police Department partnered with PATH to offer much needed social services to end homelessness. Currently, funding only allows for PATH to outreach the homeless one day a week (RDPD).

  • Despite the increased number of homeless individuals, there are no shelters or shelter beds directly in Redondo Beach, which gives rise to the visibility of those who do not have homes.

  • Although PATH offers services for permanent housing, intermediate services are needed to support the outreach efforts to end homelessness.


OUR VISION AND GOAL… Once Team HOPE learned about what was going on in their own backyard, they decided to take an active role to support their homeless neighbors find homes. Team HOPE partnered with PATH to create:

  • 50 care packages filled with hygiene products ($10/package)

  • 60 food cards to Smart & Final (20 @ $10), McDonald’s (20 @ $10), and Starbucks (20 @ $5)

  • 10 welcome home kits (10 hand decorated matte frames + 20 @ $50 Walmart gift cards

  • Discretionary funds ($2000)


Team HOPE’s overall goal is to raise $4,000, and they are committed to knocking on as many doors as they need to until the full amount is raised. To keep up with our progress, you can visit this website where we will be updating our progress. You can also follow us on Facebook

Laundry Love

Special Thanks to Team HOPE's Supporters

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